A painter at the threshold of winter


Klementina Mancheva was born in 1982 in the town of Yambol. In 2001 he graduated fine arts at Yambol High School “Vasil Levski”. Between 2001 and 2007 she graduated as Bachelor in Fashion Design and Master in Graphic and Spatial Design at NBU Sofia. In 2012, he decided to devote himself to painting, preferring watercolor as a means of expression. In an interview with Actualno.com, Clementina is presenting some of her new works and tells how she feels an artist on the threshold for the winter.

How does an artist prepare for the winter?

I’m not getting ready. The artists live with the winter inside them. Continuously and irrespective of the season in which other people are present. Perhaps this is the passion for fire – metaphorically – to the burning experiences, connections, states, situations. We’re trying to chase the winter that stirs us from inside. Maybe I’m just talking about myself.

Is there any summer heat or is everything devoted?

I do not know. “Summer” lasts too short. My summer is in the dimension called Love. And there is always stormy – thunder, tremor, hurricane winds, rain drifting, show some sunshine and hide. It’s never enough. Then comes the winter, in which you have only the memories of the burning sun. Depression, sadness and hope for a new summer.

Drawing – unreserved love is either …?

In love. Stripping. Exclusion. Love. Everything.

What do you hide in your paintings?

Myself. What I can not or do not want to pour elsewhere. In my paintings I am as naked as the nerve can only be.

What do you hope to see in them?

I hope you do not see it. But people are very sensitive, a stranger appears more and more able to proclaim my mental state based on a painted rose, a boat, no matter what. And with such precision as I doubt a psychotherapist can achieve. I still have a mystery about how this happens. Maybe I will never know it.

If you could choose again would you become an artist?

Being an artist is not a conscious choice. You do not decide to become one. I suspect it is encrypted somewhere in the DNA and there is no escape. Something like hereditary illnesses – you’re spinning, nursing, and finally ending up. Well, if you are very stubborn, you can probably avoid it, but what is the point of escaping from yourself?

What do you see in your paintings after 10 years?

Retrospection of your states.

What is love?

The meaning of everything. The only reason we are on this planet is to love and be loved. Life is like a background where Love, background and nothing more happens. And if we can love to dissolve, to extinction, to the disintegration of atoms – we are not accidental here.


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