Klementina ManchevaBorn in 1982 in Yambol she graduates fine arts . Later she gets bachelor degree in fashion design and master in graphic and interior design in New Bulgarian University, Sofia,Bulgaria, where she lives and works. Klementina has participation in several exhibitions. In 2012 she devotes herself to painting and especially the aquarelle magic.
“Painting is like illness, mania, as an escape, as a secret room where you hide .
If I need to answer the question “why I do what I do ” I do not know if I can give a definite answer. Because I can not live without painting. Because somewhere it is written. For me painting is an escape to myself. Is not an act, but a place in time and space, where everything is as it should be. Place full of love. Perhaps this is why my paintings are romantic, nostalgic, emotional.Paint alone, always the background music, often with lit scented candles. My day goes into seclusion as most artists. Often I need charging meetings with positive people, to counterbalance the loneliness. These extremes are typical for me, not only in art, such a person I am.”