Klementina Mancheva
Klementina Mancheva
A True Story watercolor
Watercolor by Klementina Mancheva

” I believe that every art should first reach the hearts of people, pulling a string without knowing why. To take you away, to take you back to somebody. If it does not work that way, it is simply a craftwork, nothing to do with the art.

Klementina Mancheva


“Basket with dreams” – watercolors of Klementina Mancheva at ABSENT Gallery

The works we will show could be defined as a peculiar palette of tones and feelings.They flow from minor and monochrome to intense and expressive. They are like a kaleidoscope of emotions, clinging from extreme melancholy to joy and exalting. They go through a number of conditions, from the sadness of lost childishness through longing and the hope of love, from the feeling of stuttering and loneliness through the hope and joy manifested by colorful flowering flowers.


https://time.mk/nastani/d53adaa407 “ART MARKONI” GALLERY in Bulgaria NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES / 2017 19.05 – 31.05. 2017 DANCE IN ART THE ART OF DANCE 19.05 / FRIDAY / – 18.30 Artistic Painting Exhibition, with the participation of: Emilia Boyadzhieva, Clementina Mancheva, Margarita Voynova, Milko Mateev, Olga Matveeva, Sevda Dragneva and Svetlin Nenov Argentine Tango – …

A painter at the threshold of winter

The artists live with the winter inside them. Continuously and irrespective of the season in which other people are present. Perhaps this is the passion for fire – metaphorically – to the burning experiences, connections, states, situations. We’re trying to chase the winter that stirs us from inside. Maybe I’m just talking about myself.